What Our Futures Thinkers Tell Us

Check out what our Futures Thinkers have said about our programs!

I loved learning about the future, making new friends, loved that you asked us our point of views, it was educational but fun! - Aleefa, aged 10

Futures Thinkers has helped me better think about my future career opportunities and what's possible. I now see the future differently and what's possible - Taskiya, aged 12

I really enjoyed the team work, that there were no wrong answers, you can think how you want, be curious and creative. It was life changing as it made me aware of what is possible in the future - Amr, aged 11

I loved the team work, the program helped me learn how to work with others - Jana, aged 9

It made me see how creative I really am and how useful it will be for my future - Lamis, aged 9

It opened up to my mind to new things and gave me confidence in sharing my ideas with others - Mo, aged 9

It was interesting to learn about new things, such as meat being made from plants - Isha, aged 9

I learnt that throughout the years technology has been updated and that in the future there will be more robots, cars will be autonomous, we will use more solar options to power and help reduce pollution. We also learnt about the different generations and how society is changing - Saba aged 10