Futures Thinkers.

Opening young minds to new thinking

Our mission is to empower the next generation with skills to navigate and create their own future.

The world is changing fast, demanding new skills and new ways of thinking.

At Futures Thinkers, we open young people's minds to a vast world of possibilities.

Using industry-led thinking, we focus on developing a Futures Intelligence (FI) mindset equipping young people with new thinking skills to create and shape the future they want.

An Australian first program, we teach skills that will give your child an edge, focusing on developing skills in:

  • Critical thinking and observation

  • Cultivating creative problem solving and curiosity

  • How to be imaginative and ask creative questions

  • Empathy & Team Building

  • Holistic learning with a Futures Mindset

  • How to be an innovative thinker

  • Confidence building

  • Developing an abundance mindset